Social Responsibility

Our Approach

In addition to being a responsible business, we’re proud of the positive impact our storytelling, characters and magical moments can bring to those around us. Through our local Community Engagement and Charitable Programmes, we help bring comfort, happiness and inspiration to families around the world.

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The Disney VoluntEARS program provides our employees both team and skills-based engagement through our local community partners across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Youth Development

Creativity is at the heart of the Disney brand and we seek to inspire young people to develop their creative thinking, innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

Conserving Nature

Disney connects children and families with nature through the power of storytelling through local community projects and volunteerism to build lifelong conservation values.

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Charitable Giving

Through contributions, collaborations, in-kind donations and our employee’s local community engagement, Disney is proud to enrich the lives of children and their families when they need us most.

If you are a charitable organisation seeking support from Disney, please review our charitable giving guidelines:

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Children’s Hospitals

Children’s hospitals are often at the heart of our partnerships. From magical patient experiences and visits from our much-loved characters, to vital fundraising for services which improve the quality of life for families whilst in hospital -we seek to bring happiness and comfort to children and their families at a time when hope and resilience can be at it’s lowest. Additionally, we do our best to bring the entertainment of film to children; from providing up to date Disney DVD libraries to pop-up screenings of our latest releases.

Unforgettable Shared Experiences

We believe that the power of our storytelling and shared magical moments can help build resilience for children who are often socially isolated. From premier screenings of the latest Disney film to adapted theatrical performances of our hit muscials, we strive to create unforgettable experiences, in a safe, shared environment, that children and those closest to them can relax and enjoy together.

Force for Change

For decades Lucas Films has encouraged a philanthropic spirit through Star Wars, raising money for children’s healthcare and education. Force for Change aims to support the immense passion and good will of our fans and promote change through inspiration, stories and meaningful partnerships.

Helping Patients Feel Better with Film

We strive to bring the joy and escapism of cinema and film to patients who feel isolated and excluded whilst in hospital.  In Italy, research from charity MediCinema into relief therapy shows that 80% of patients who watched a movie in hospital felt less anxious and depressed, with a further 30% claiming a reduction in pain.