Responsible Business

Our Approach

We believe that doing the right thing for families is the right thing for our business. Acting responsibly is an integral part of our brand. It makes Disney products more attractive in a marketplace with abundant choices. It strengthens the connection we have with consumers who expect nothing less from us. It makes our company a more desirable place to work and helps us attract the very best and brightest to join our global cast. It builds goodwill in the communities in which we operate. All of these things contribute to The Walt Disney Company’s continued growth and success.

Our global commitment to conduct our business and create our products in a responsible and ethical manner focuses on six areas: ethical conduct, responsible content, environmental stewardship, community engagement, civic engagement and respectful workplaces. We continue to work diligently toward our citizenship goals and regularly set new challenges for our company to ensure we are constantly striving to improve.

Ethical Conduct

We conduct our business with honesty, integrity and in compliance with the laws everywhere we operate.

For more information on our global approach and policies on Ethical Conduct visit The Walt Disney Company’s global website and our Standards of Business Conduct which outlines our position on anti-bribery and anti-corruption and other business conduct topics.


Responsible Content

For more than 90 years, The Walt Disney Company has been home to some of the world’s most beloved characters and cherished stories. Disney holds a special place in the hearts of millions of people because our themes and characters are universal, relatable and relevant to everyone.

The Disney brand has always been inclusive, with stories that reflect acceptance and tolerance and celebrate the differences that make our characters uniquely wonderful in their own way.

We constantly strive to live up to that legacy by continuing to create and share compelling storylines from our studios and media networks that entertain with inspirational and aspirational themes and reflect the incredibly rich diversity of the human experience. Our stories are timeless because they speak to the heart; our characters appeal to children across gender, ability, and experience because they’re defined by kindness, loyalty, humor, courage, wit and other traits that make a good friend.

Disney remains committed to continuing to create characters that are accessible and relatable to all children.

Responsible Supply Chain

Our EMEA team is a part of a global organisation committed to ensuring ethical sourcing of Disney-branded products as part of our overall corporate citizenship efforts. We promote ethical production of Disney-branded products by working to improve labour conditions in production facilities, testing the safety and integrity of products, and exploring ways to reduce the environmental footprint of our supply chain.

For extensive details on our programme, please click through to the global site for more information.

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Respectful Workplace

Disney employees around the world work incredibly hard to bring unparalleled entertainment experiences to guests, audiences, viewers and consumers around the globe. We have a deep commitment to foster a rich diversity of voices, perspectives and experiences—both on screen and among our workforce.

The Walt Disney Company UK’s 2017 Gender Pay Report

The Walt Disney Company takes a holistic approach to addressing and ensuring gender equality in our workforce. We are proud of the percentage of women we employ across the organisation and that we compensate and promote people based on their roles, experience and performance.
To read our 2017 Gender Pay Report, please click on the below PDF.

Our Commitment

Our commitment promotes healthy habits and seeks to inspire the whole family to eat healthily and be more active. We aim to support parents by using our stories and characters to make healthy living simple and fun.

We established nutritional guidelines for our food partners to inspire healthier lifestyles. These have been adapted for Europe, Middle East and Africa and are based on rigorous, science-backed nutrition standards. They are reviewed periodically with the ability to make changes every three years if required allowing our partners two years to reformulate from the date of change.

Disney Kitchen

Our brand new identity for our food and drink products is being introduced across EMEA from late 2017. Working closely with our partners, the new packaging is being used across co-branded products that meet our nutrition guideline criteria. It includes the Disney Family of Checks, which is a quick and easy way to identify healthier foods and beverages.

Disney’s Healthy Citizenship programme, goes beyond inspiring and enabling families; but offers support where it is needed the most. In partnership with local charities and organisation, we give our time, money and storytelling to help make a difference.