As Chief Marketing Officer for The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) EMEA, Tricia Wilber is responsible for the creation, implementation and oversight of Disney’s integrated marketing organisation.

In this role, Tricia is a member of the EMEA executive management team that sets the strategic direction for the company, which she translates into marketing strategies, priorities, budgets and plans to drive execution regionally and locally. This wide-ranging role also sees Tricia engaging at the micro level –examining all components of how we market Disney to the distinct and varied audiences around the region. In addition, Tricia oversees the regional franchise management organisation, which is dedicated to building and managing regional business plans for key franchises and properties. This team operates franchises as single P&L entities and works with the Company to set financial objectives, determine key profit drivers, marketing plans, content plans and sales strategies for these content streams.

In October 2014, Tricia became the General Manager of Disney Media Sales and Partnerships, TWDC EMEA and is responsible for leveraging the link between our marketing effects and external brands.

Previously, Tricia was Executive Vice President, Disney Media Advertising Sales and Marketing Group, a role to which she was promoted in February 2007. She led the sales structure that drove all advertising sales, marketing and promotions business for TWDC’s kid-driven and family-inclusive TV platforms, its wide range of online offerings, its kid-focused publishing business and its kid-and mum-focused radio and publishing platforms.

From 2004 –2007, she was Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales and Promotion for Disney ABC Cable Networks Group and from 1999 –2004, she held the positions of Vice President, National Accounts, ABC Cable Networks Group and Vice President, Business Development, ABC Cable Networks Group respectively.

Prior to joining TWDC in 1999, Tricia was employed from 1993-1999 by SNET, a Connecticut-based division of Americast, as Director, Marketing, for that company.

Tricia graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor of Arts in History.

In 2013, Tricia was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of Magical Cruise Company Ltd (MCCL).

In February 2016, Tricia was appointed as a member of the Supervisory Board of Euro Disney Associés S.C.A.

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