Disney UK and MediCinema announce groundbreaking collaboration

This Summer, Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore and the gang will be doing much more than helping Christopher Robin find his lost briefcase, they’ll be helping thousands of seriously ill children and adults in hospital feel better with film.

In a UK film industry first, Disney in partnership with charity MediCinema, cinema operators and the UK Cinema Association, will hold nationwide preview screenings of Christopher Robin on the 16th of August, a day before it’s official release, where all proceeds from the box office ticket sales will go to the charity.

The money raised will enable MediCinema to bring a state of the art cinema experience to more seriously ill patients, enabling them to enjoy a shared movie moment together with their loved ones.

Kat Mason, Chief Executive of MediCinema said “You honestly can’t overestimate the difference that going to the movies in your hospital bed can make to a patient and their family – it is precious normality, a chance to escape into other worlds, a shared experience and memory made together when it is needed most.” Through a recent survey, over 90% of patient attendees said that it had reduced their anxiety, reduced the isolation of being in hospital and given them a sense of normality. Young seriously ill patient Uzayr, aged 10, said “when the door closes I forget all about my pain”.

As part of Disney’s social purpose programme we are committed to bringing comfort and inspiration to families with children facing serious illness. Through our founding partnership with MediCinema, we recognise the impact being able to spend quality time together brings; helps build emotional resilience by giving patients and those closest to them the strength and ability to cope. We hope these special screenings of Christopher Robin on the 16th will enable MediCinema to create many more moments that matter for patients, and we’re excited to be the first studio to be part of this wider UK industry initiative.